GroHealthy Shea & Coconut w/ Omega 3 Range Review

I’ve been all over instagram raving about this range so now you can finally find out what I love so much about it!

I’m trying a new rating system for my product reviews to try and make the information easier to read. If you’re in a shop and want to know what a product is good for in that moment I’m hoping my new system will help you make an informed by super quick decision. Just to let you know these items were gifted to me but my opinions are my own and always will be with any review I do. Without any delay lets get into it!

To review the whole range properly I decided to create a twist out exclusively using the products from this range.

Shea & Coconut Oil


This item wasn’t actually part of the gifted set but belongs to the same collection and I have been using it for a while so it makes total sense to include it in the full review.

I started the look off with some much needed TLC! I’ve really been focusing on increasing my scalp care as I struggle with a really dry scalp! Check out my DIY Scalp Scrub to see how I clean my scalp properly once a month.

I put the oil bottle directly into a mug of kettle boiled water for about 7 minutes to warm it up. Be careful that the oil isn’t too hot for your scalp if you are warming it up, you can always mix room temperature oil in with your deep conditioner for a lush silky treatment.

I gave an N/A rating for the smell because it didn’t really have a smell which is expected with most oils. It’s not because the product smelt bad, just because it didn’t really have a smell. I thought the texture was really nice because it is quite a thin oil so it spread through my hair quite easily. It also meant that the amount I had to use wasn’t huge because once I had brushed it through, my hair was saturated and ready to be wrapped. I really enjoyed the results of this oil. I also used it to undo the twist out and found it kept my curls defined where I needed it to.

Moisturising Shampoo

If you follow me on Instagram @afroglory_ then you know I am not about the shampoo life! I always find that it drys my hair out and makes my scalp super itchy. For the sake of giving a full review though I thought I would try this shampoo out. Sometimes we have to give things another go to get it right… right?


Okay so I wasn’t a fan of the smell because I thought it had a bit of a chemical scent to it but it wasn’t unpleasant. On reflection the other benefits of this shampoo definitely outweighed the scent. The texture was quite nice. It was gloopy and thick with a pearlescent shine to it but I found it sliding out of my hands quite easily when trying to rub it together or bring it up to my head. We all know what it feels like to have a massive blog of product literally wash away *sad face*. Once I did manage to get it to my hair I found that I only needed the smallest amount to saturate my whole scalp! I was so impressed how little I needed. After giving my scalp some deep shampooing attention I was so happy with the results. My scalp was so clean and felt really fresh after washing my hair.


Moisture Rich Conditioner


Again, like the shampoo I found that there was a scent to the conditioner that made me think ‘chemical’. I guess I am very sensitive to the scent because I have been using chemical free where possible for a long time now. I found the texture really lovely, it was everything you would want from a conditioner. Thick and creamy with a lovely consistency. I found that, also like the shampoo, the conditioner saturated my hair really quickly. It spread through my hair really easily and did a great job! I gave a 4/5 for the results because even though the smell wasn’t something I would usually go for, the consistency and small amount would save me money in the long run!


Leave-In Conditioner 


I want to start by talking about the results of the leave in conditioner. 3 days after my twist out I could still feel solid evidence that my hair was very hydrated. I knew because my scalp wasn’t as itchy as usual and I didn’t need to apply any more leave-in up to this point. Applying my daily spritzing of water was enough to reactivate the product. It was amazing for keeping my hair hydrated. However like the other products there was a very strong scent with a hint of chemical to it. I guess you’ll have to have a smell of the product yourself to know what I mean. At first it sounded alarm bells in my mind but after giving it a try I could definitely continue to use the range. After I had used all the products I couldn’t smell any chemical scents on my actual hair which would have been a huge ‘no’ from me if I could. I only gave a 3.5 result for the amount as I felt like I had to use quite a lot to saturate my hair with the product. I was surprised by this because the bottle is smaller than the others. The texture was quite nice. I always feel like I have a good product when my fingers prune because it means there is a lot of water in the product which as we all know is the only way to actually hydrate your hair!


Curling Custard


Lets get the negative out of the way. The smell of this product might have put me off if I was sneaking a smell in Pak’s but everything else was amazing! This product had the strongest chemical smell out of the whole range! It wasn’t an unpleasant smelling product at all though I could just smell something that wasn’t particularly natural. I used very little – I actually ended up putting too much on the first section and then spread it to the next bit of hair. The texture was light and watery, which is a bonus for me. The results were great! My twist out lasted 3 days without serious refreshing! I would recommend trying this product the most out of them all (unless you think you’ll have a big issue with the smell).


I hope you enjoyed this review and let me know in the comments section what you think of my new rating system. Do you think it’s useful for finding out straight away how a product preforms if you’re in a shop?


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3 thoughts on “GroHealthy Shea & Coconut w/ Omega 3 Range Review

  1. Loving the new rating system! I think I want to give the curling custard another go, I only used a sample and it was nice but I agree the smell is a little too strong


    1. Yay glad you like it! Yeah the smell would put me off if I had just smelt it in a shop or something but after using it I was very impressed. I’m trying out the revlon realistic one at the moment and I’m excited to see how they compare!!


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