Portable & Affordable Hair Steamer

After posting this picture on instagram 2 things were confirmed for me. The first is how important natural hair health is to my followers (YAY🎉) and the second was how important it is to share what I’m trying with my natural hair. It is so easy for us all to assume that people just know or have had similar experiences to us. When I posted this image on instagram I assumed I was late to the party when in fact loads of you haven’t even seen this magical device before…

I’ve seen loads of hair steaming techniques done from the comforts of home. Including luxury hair steaming hoods and hand held hair steamers all of which are out of my price range. When I stumbled across this extremely affordable and easy to use hair steamer I couldn’t believe my luck. I purchased this hair steamer at wish.com. It was FREE, I only had to pay a £2 delivery charge. Wish is an affordable site that sells all sorts of goodies, including the luxury hooded hair steamers that you add water to, if it’s in your budget.

After posting the image to my feed the big DM question was ‘does it work?’ and in short yes it does, but I thought I would give you guys a quick run down of the pros and cons of this portable hooded hair steamer. What would afroglory be without a quick review 😉

Compact & Portable 

The hair steamer arrived in a very small package, so small in fact that I wasn’t entirely sure what I had ordered until I opened it. I was so impressed with how compact the hooded steamer could become as it means I can travel with it no problem! If wash day falls on a day when I’m away from home (or all of my wonderful products) at least I know I can get a good deep condition for my hair! Most hotels and hostels even provide a hair dryer, brilliant!


Easy To Use

It doesn’t come with instructions for use or on how the product works but it is so simple to use. There are 4 simple steps to get yourself up and running.

  1. Attach your hair dryer to the elasticated end.
  2. Place the hood over your head. (Your hair should be wrapped in a plastic cap, plastic bag or cling film and have a material wrap over it to protect your hair and generate more heat.)
  3. Secure the hood tightly using the string and toggle. (You can also tie a bow near the toggle to stop it from moving when the hair dryer is turned on.)
  4. Turn your hairdryer on to begin steaming.



Simple Science

How does it work then? Well there are tiny holes all over the hooded steamer. You will find them on the inside and the outside of the steamer. The holes on the inside of the steamer will carry the warm air to your head and allow your curls to soak up all the delicious moisture available. The holes on the outside of the hooded steamer are to let some of the air out so it doesn’t over heat or blow off of your head when in use.


The good with the bad

Ive already established how it works, how to use and the physical steamer itself but now I’m going to let you know the pros and cons of it and finish with my recommendation.


  • You have to secure the hooded steamer very tightly or it will just blow off your head.
  • You have to be sure the nozzle is straight at all times in order to get an even spread of heat.
  • It’s quite loud (especially if the hood is secured over your ears).


  • So easy to use.
  • Really compact which is great for travel and storage.
  • It actually works!
  • It’s so so affordable.

Afro Glory rating : 3.5/5


I would definitely recommend this product. I think it’s too good to turn up especially when it’s FREE!!… well there is the £2 delivery charge. The cons are definitely minor in comparison to the results! My curls were really bouncy, soft and nourished after using the hooded steamer. When I took off the cap all of the oils were warm and melted on my hair. I could also tell my hair had been evenly heated due to keeping the nozzle straight because all of my hair was warm. Get yourself over to wish.com and grab one!



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