How to write a product review – 4 simple steps

If you follow me on instagram you’ll have seen I received some new hair products from the GroHealthy shea and coconut range. This means I’ll be doing a product review very soon and thought I’d share my process with you.

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When ever I do a product review I like to think of the end result. I want you to be able to skim read if you need to, locate a certain product from the review (if I’m talking about more than one product), have nice photography of the products, be honest, be constructive but most importantly make it an enjoyable and informative read for you. It sounds like a lot when I throw it all into a paragraph like that but let me break it down into 4 simple steps for you:

1-use-products.jpgIf I have a range of products I like to use them over a period of about 2 weeks to see how they really work with my hair and as a product. I also think reviewing a product range after one use for a wash day can give you enough information to create a great review. Make notes when anything comes to your mind about the product as they happen.

If you are reviewing something after one use then maybe you could even draft your blog post in bullet form while using the product. Just be careful not to get any electronics or notebooks wet!

2-photography.jpgLike the base of a good outfit, I like to pick the shoes and accessories first. Taking the images for a blog post is a really fun and exciting part of creating a post for me. It doesn’t matter if you think your images are crap, you will get better. Have fun! Why not take your products to the park and find a luscious green patch or flower bed? Try finding a nice cafe to take a flat lay image using their pretty tables while you enjoy a coffee or find the perfect backdrop against an old red brick building.

Planning a mini photoshoot and getting props together can really inspire you. You don’t have to spend loads of money to get good shots either. Take a look at this image…


I headed down to my local public park for a nice backdrop and scenery. I picked up a packet of chopped coconut from Tesco for £1, a huge roll of brown paper from Poundland for £1 and I picked a few leaves from a bush in the park. I used most of the brown paper to wrap my Christmas presents afterwards and have some left over for future shoots. I threw the leaves back to the wild and then had a snack with the coconut pieces when I was finished. In total it cost me £2 to get all the images in my Palmer Coconut Oil Range Review post and have a yummy snack afterwards!

Just throw away the stress, get creative and have fun! Don’t worry too much about how perfect your images are if you’re not 100% confident with your camera yet. You will get better.

3-the-questions.jpgI find that the easiest way to get the body of your review is to ask yourself questions. Here are 10 great questions to get you started…

  1. How does it smell?
  2. What does the product look like?
  3. Did you know about the brand before you found the product/s you’re reviewing?
  4. Have you used any of the brands other products?
  5. What were your initial thoughts on the texture of the product?
  6. Does it have any interesting ingredients you want to discuss?
  7. Would you use it again?
  8. Is it good value?
  9. Did it do what it said it would?
  10. Which item from the brand are you excited to try next?

It’s really as simple as that! Ask yourself all the questions you would want answered if you were looking to buy the product. We’ve all been that person who’s looked through 100 reviews to find no one has actually answered the one question you need answering!

3-ask-othersOnce your review goes live on your blog, it’s definitely not finished! You have made a recommendation to your followers make sure to be 100% real in your reviews ALWAYS. Encourage people to ask questions incase you missed anything, ask if theres any other products they want you to review and ask if anyone is thinking of buying the product after reading your review.

I hope you found this post useful! Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for my Grohealthy review.


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3 thoughts on “How to write a product review – 4 simple steps

    1. Thanks Ray, I’m glad it helped. I think sometimes we can overcomplicated things when we want them to be perfect for others but it’s a very simple process. Thanks for your lovely comment 🙂

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  1. This is a very useful information, well detailed and straight forward👍I definitely think of those points mentioned whenever I am about to review a product, it helps in writing a better and thorough review.


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