Happy Birthday Afro Glory!

I can’t believe a year ago today I sat at my laptop and typed out the posts Au Naturale. & And so it begins… It feels like much longer because Afro Glory feels like it’s always been a part of me.

My only regret is that I didn’t start my blog sooner! I have loved every minute of blogging. All the highs and lows are worth every ‘tap tap tap’ on my keyboard. Seeing your comments about how a post has helped you or how you can relate to the subject totally fills me with joy! Feeling like part of such an incredibly supportive and knowledgeable community reinforces my mantra of ‘you are not alone’.

Finally I want to address mental health because Afro Glory was actually born out of my darkest moments in life. After being diagnosed with PTSD and realising I had no escape from the trauma only distractions, I entered therapy to help me go forward with my life. Finishing therapy was one of the happiest feelings and one of the most anxious. To continue my weekly sessions my therapist recommended finding something to replace that me time… I found this community. SO big shout out to you guys for being here, big shout out to my therapist for telling me to search for my joy and big shout out to myself for finishing therapy a year ago.

Anyway I don’t want to drag this post out too much because I have to get ready for Afro Glory birthday celebrations this evening so I’ll leave you with these images from my favourite/ most relevant posts (for various reasons) throughout the year. Click the images to see the posts!


The signature braids of course.


Talking about my big chop/ transition.


Talking about this awesome guy 😍


The photos in this post are so pretty!


Attending the first ever Black British Bloggers Social!


Discovering Blogtacular & West Elm!


Sharing my PTSD story with you.


Experimenting with photography for this review.


Getting a press pass for AFROPUNK! Definitely a blog highlight!


Opening Afro Glory Design!

… in fact all the the posts in-between and leading up to this moment go into my all time favourites list! Make sure you check out my other posts and comment HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AFRO GLORY! 😉 Thanks for all your support!


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