Open for business: Afro Glory Design

Black history month 2017 has been spent enjoying your content rather than creating my own but I have also been super ambitious behind the scenes! I’ve been creating my own black history and so are you ready for my big news… I am a black business owner ☺️ can you believe it guys!? I just launched an Etsy shop!! Yay!!

I would love for you guys to check it out and let me know your thoughts. What you can achieve in a year when you really concentrate on your dreams and goals is unbelievable. Never give up on yourself or your dreams.

black-british-blogger-natural-hair-blog-london-afro-glory-quote-getting-out-of-the-funkIn the middle of my September “the funk” kicked in. Having been through therapy I was able to use the skills I learned there to recognise this and I immediately started trying to think of ways to lift myself out of it. I got my trusty old pen and paper out and decided to write down all of my goals for each month for the rest of 2017.


In October the main goal was to launch my Etsy shop. I have been working on launching it for nearly 3 months and probably had the idea for about 3 years. What was stopping me? Well, I was constantly second guessing my abilities and convincing myself that no one would like my work. Scared of failing and unwilling to try… just incase I did fail. Well, not anymore. I also convinced myself I couldn’t afford it but when you really want something you make budget cuts in all areas to make it happen. It might just be one less coffee a week, only going out for dinner once this week or saying no to a few more people than you’re used to!

It’s time we all stop being afraid of failure because a fear of failure is also not giving yourself the opportunity to succeed at something. Next time I feel afraid of failure I will instead ask myself if I’m more afraid of not trying and the answer will always be yes. Nothing scares me more than not taking or making an opportunity to better myself.

Writing down my over arching monthly goal is definitely something I’m going to be adopting for 2018 and onwards because it works a treat. By visualising my goals and looking at them everyday, I have managed to hold myself accountable to them. I’ve also been extremely motivated not to let the month pass by without achieving my goals, which has really driven me to launch my Etsy shop (and even pulled me out of a funk).


That’s right I’m already thinking forward… Afro Glory Design is an extension of this blog and launching was definitely inspired by this blog and my creativity. AG Design is just the beginning of my lifetime business goals to become a design studio owner. I want to be able to offer paid jobs and exciting opportunities to young black British graphic designers when they finish university in an industry heavily dominated by the white middle class. I struggled so much to find a design job after uni, even having completed a masters degree and I know it’s not due to lack of talent. I spent 3 years looking for a job and working for free before I got so fed up I decided to create my own job and so Afro Glory Design was born.


You can certainly take a look for yourself at Afro Glory Design’s Etsy account and see the kinds of stuff I sell just follow the link below:

I launched my etsy at a time of year where Christmas is on the brain, so I’m sure it makes total sense to you when I say I have a couple of lovely Christmas cards available to buy. Priding myself on being a black owned business I also have a special Afro Glory range available including my beautiful Afro angel card!

I have a range of cute pocket mirrors available too. Including my burger mirror. I designed that burger many moons ago just as a creative outlet and now it’s grown into bigger things and is a part of my business launch!



I’d love love love to know what you guys think about my designs, the kind of products you would like to see in the future and any other comments you have (good or bad) are welcome.

Finally!! The most exciting news of all! To celebrate my launch I am running a giveaway over on my Instagram: @afroglory_ make sure you check it out and enter for a chance to win some goodies for you and a friend!



Please check out my other platforms 🙌🏾👍🏾






4 thoughts on “Open for business: Afro Glory Design

    1. Awww that’s so nice of you to say 🙂 thank you! I’ll be releasing a few more designs very shortly!

      Yes I’m still drawing my energy back in but sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. I’m learning to live with that and to overcome it at the same time! x


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