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As some of you may have seen I started an Instagram challenge called #TheColourBlack over on my Instagram for the month of September. I am always seeing Instagram challenges pop up and I always feel like their such a great way to up your Instagram game and get creative! But… I’ve never seen one designed for the black community SO I created one!

I feel so inspired by you guys on Instagram and wanted to start something where we could all express our creativity together, especially in the run up to black history month! As a creative myself I will always try to be a catalyst for creativity in my community. One of my blogging goals at the moment is to improve my photography and I just thought this would be a great way to do it with others who have a similar goal in the black blogging community. If you’re sold on the idea and want to take part just read on…

How it works: following the daily prompts for the week, post your interpretation of the prompts everyday during the week based on their days and use the hashtags #TheColourBlack & #AfroGlory so everyone can follow along! Be honest, fun, inspired, abstract, emotional… be whoever you are – let’s celebrate being black & creative together.

Don’t worry if you missed week 1! If you want to join in there’s plenty more to come. Head over to my Instagram @AfroGlory_ and follow to see the prompts!


There were some beautiful photos popping up from all over the world make sure you check them out! Take a look at my first week following the prompts:


Day 1 of #TheColourBlack #AfroGlory #InstagramChallenge this is #Me

No makeup, a little bit tired, feeling fly with my braids…


Day 2 of #TheColourBlack #AfroGlory #InstagramChallenge this is #AllBlackEverything
I’ve been really keen to read about black history especially black British history. These are just some of the books I’ve recently purchased to educate myself. I’m seriously in love with my @belly.full book! Can’t wait to start discovering places to get Caribbean food in London! It also features place outside of London like Leeds (close to my home town 😊) also have kink by @curltureuk in the post! Very excited about it! And yes… that’s a signed copied of #WhyIAmNoLongerTalkingToWhitePeopleAboutRace by @renieddolodge and it’s a fantastic read with a focus on black British history!


Day 3 of #thecolourblack #afroglory #instagramchallenge this is #Blackandwhite
I have an entire blog post about Joe, the love of my life! I really can’t tell you how much he means to me! He’s been there through thick and thin with me and supported me through PTSD. You can read all about that on my blog. Today’s black and white hashtag is all for him. As a mixed colour and culture relationship we’ve learnt a lot from each other and I wouldn’t change a thing 💕 3 years strong 👦🏻❤️👧🏾


Day 4 of #thecolourblack#afroglory #instagramchallenge this is #BisFor
You know when you attend an event and it changes your outlook… today I attend @buffenterprise #BackToNatural film for the British urban film festival and it seriously changed my life! I was surrounded by supportive and empowering black men and women talking about the history of black hair! I feel lucky to live in London and have the opportunity to attend events like this! 😭🙌🏾 I felt so much during the showing of @aaronchristians ‘London Locs’ & @gillianscottward ‘Back To Natural’ ❤️✨ thank you so much to @premaeuk for making me aware of this event while attending @curlytreatsfest 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💕


This is Day 5 of #thecolourblack  #afroglory #instagramchallenge this is #BrownEyes
This prompt might seem very obvious to post an image of brown eyes but when I wrote the prompt all I could think of was how beautiful I find brown eyes.

All of my earliest memories have been made looking into brown eyes. All of my tears have fallen from my own brown eyes. All of the wonderful books I’ve read with my brown eyes. The times I’ve seen my loved ones smile with my brown eyes. The images of the past to educate me about my brown eyes. The depth of history about my brown eyes… I love my brown eyes. I used to wish for something else but I’m glad I was never answered because these brown eyes are who I am and have helped me learn to be who am today! 💪🏾✨🖤 I could make that into a poem, I got very deep lol!

I can’t wait to see how creative and fun you guys get in the weeks to come.

Before I go I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s taken part so far, I feel very inspired by you all!


Please check out my other platforms 🙌🏾👍🏾





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