Afrocks: A full review

I’m going to dive straight into this post by telling you all about my experience with Afrocks hair service. How I found booking my appointment, What it was like having a stylist in my home, how my hair looks & feels now and whether I would recommend the service. Just to give you an idea about Afrocks, watch this short video before you read on:


I would like to first talk about how easy it was to book my appointment with Afrocks! I booked on my computer in the end but I also went through the booking process out of curiosity on my phone to see if it would be just as easy to book an appointment.

I really loved the interface of booking through my phone. I thought about when I have a really busy day, how it would take around 3 minutes for me to make an appointment. I love using my phone to buy things especially because I can get things that I remember I need in that moment. Using the Afrocks mobile interface was definitely convenient enough to book an appointment with. I imagine if I had been on my way to work, I could have made an appointment and had peace of mind very easily!


In the end I booked my appointment on my laptop. I always feel like when I’m buying something important online I should use my laptop. Maybe it’s because the screen is bigger or I find it easier to flick through tabs? Anyway I went ahead and did the whole process on my laptop and it was really simple.

The Afrocks booking system is very user-friendly. It includes lovely images, consistent branding and multiple choice for options. I really enjoyed booking my hair appointment and it added to my comfort because there was nothing complicated about the process.

First you select your service, I wanted braids and it was very easy to select. I also found it really great that they have a natural option if you just want some TLC for your natural hair. I just didn’t expect a home service to offer me that option so it was a great surprise to see:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 23.03.12


Then you are given such a large and wonderful amount of options for what type of braiding you would like done. I really like having box braids in and chose to have that:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 23.03.58

Immediately after clicking onto the box braids option a drop down menu popped up to ask me what length braids I would like and the thickness I wanted.

I found this really nice because I knew that my stylist would know exactly what I wanted and work to cater to my needs. I’ve previously been in situations where my stylist would try to convince me to get a “different style”, so it’s nice knowing it’s all pre booked and my stylist can see exactly how I want it:

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 23.04.16


Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 23.04.33

After selecting my options which were ‘mid-back’ for length & ‘medium’ for thickness, I was asked if I wanted any additional services. This was such a nice little surprise as I didn’t think a home service would offer to cater to the smaller details like pre-preparing the braiding hair for you, washing your natural hair so it’s ready for treatment and styling your hair after you’ve had it done! This is a great addition to the service:


After letting me know that there were stylists available in my area, I went on to pick a date and time. Again the experience was very simple. I went for a morning appointment, having had braids before I know they can take a very long time. You should always give yourself a full day to get braids installed.

Sometimes when you’re sat for so long and you watch the sun go down you feel like you have put yourself on hold for a whole day. With Afrocks, I didn’t have that feeling during or after my appointment. I actually had great fun getting my braids put in by my stylist Simone.

As my braids were being installed at home, I could get some stuff done at the same time. I was able to catch up with all my Instagram feed, put a load of washing on and be home to collect a delivery I’ve been waiting for (for those of you following me on Instagram, I decided to get a different pair of glasses and that’s what I was waiting for). You could also be home for food deliveries, getting someone round for home repairs you’ve been meaning to do, be child minding, catching up on your favourite soap… and if you don’t have anything to do then you will be in good company and can just relax and have a chat!




The next step showed me all of the wonderful stylists available in my area for booking but what I really like about this step were the filters I could search by. In the drop down menu I could filter the stylists by: best ratings, price, most jobs completed and latest stylist added. These filters are great when you are picking who you want because you can cater to your specific needs. If you are on a budget you can filter by price to find the least expensive stylist or if you’re very particular about your hair you could filter by best ratings to see how happy previous clients of the stylist have been with their hair.


Simone stood out to me immediately! She had a great profile with some fantastic feedback. You can see how many jobs the stylist has completed in the past, how long they have been doing hair for, their availability, a percentage for their rating, the products they like to use, a mini bio and images of their previous work.

What really stood out for me was Simone’s wonderful bio and the amazing job she’s done with her previous clients in the images. The way Simone has spoken about hair in her bio completely expresses her passion for her work and customer’s satisfaction.


When I was sure I wanted Simone as my stylist I selected her and then a pop up box appeared so I could pick a time slot in her available time slot of 7am – 9pm. I chose to have Simone come at 9:30am – 3:30pm. The orange in the image represents the 6 hours needed to install the braids, which automatically filled the slot when I selected a time. When I was happy with my time I clicked ‘Book Time with Simone’.


In the next stage I was amazed to see that in the drop down menu when selecting where I would like to have my hair done that hotel & workplace were options. I hadn’t even thought about having my hair done in either of these locations but when I did, I thought about how great an option it was. If you have a lunch break you could get something much more simple than braids done, like styling for an event you have after work. Equally if you wanted your hair done at a hotel you were staying at before you attended a wedding for example, you could easily book a stylist to come to your hotel.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 23.14.32

The next step asked me to review all of the information I had previously entered just to make sure it was all correct and that there wasn’t anything I wanted to change before confirming my booking. It covered things like the type of service I had booked, braid length, time, date, location, stylist and price.

I haven’t discussed the cost of the service up until this point but I want to say how absolutely impressed I was with the price of having my hair braided. It cost just £89.50 to book with Simone, the prices vary depending on the stylist you use and the style you book to have. Another great thing about Afrocks is that you can control how much you spend and there are no random surprise costs after you’ve had your hair done!


After confirming my details, I put in all my card details and almost seconds later I received an email saying a successful card imprint had been taken and they were checking with my stylist to make sure they were available to ensure there was no double booking. I thought this was really professional as they hadn’t just promised me and charged me straight away but also checked with Simone that she could take the booking. I felt like that was very organised and great considering for an online booking service. I have always found online most services are quick to take deposits and lock you in but with Afrocks it felt like a very friendly and human booking process.

When Simone confirmed our appointment, the same day, I received an email letting me know and confirming all of my details again. I was also provided with contact details for Simone, which was really useful in case I had any special requests or needed to discuss details further with her. Simone was also provided with my contact information.

Importantly the email reminded me that for my booking I would need to provide hair for my stylist to install. What I really liked is that the email encouraged me to contact my stylist if I had any questions e.g. how many packs of braiding hair would I need? The email also reminded me that if I hadn’t booked a hair washing service I needed to make sure my hair was clean and ready to go. There were some tips for me too!


I usually wash my hair once every 2 weeks on a Sunday and took this into consideration when making my booking. As I booked my appointment for a Sunday I moved wash day to Thursday. I didn’t want my hair to have been freshly washed too close to having braids installed… don’t ask why, I just like my hair to have a break between most processes (I know I’m probably spoiling it, but my hair is my only baby lol).

I did my usual wash routine and then braided my hair in thick chunky plaits when it was damp to stretch my hair a bit without the use of heat. Apart from that I didn’t do anything special to my own hair. I just made sure it was well moisturised, did a deep condition and sealed in all the moisture.

I have never in the past done an apple cider vinegar rinse on my braiding hair but seriously guys! The results were amazing. I have never experienced braiding hair feeling so soft. In the past I would have just taken the hair from the packet and feathered the ends then had it installed but since going natural I have been very conscious of the chemicals I put in and near my hair so I thought I would give washing the braiding hair a go.


Heads up guys, Xpressions are now selling pre prepared braiding hair in Ombré… you’re welcome. I went for a 1B with a lovely subtle and rich purple that only makes an appearance when hit by the sunlight.


There are plenty of great tutorials on YouTube for using apple cider vinegar to rinse your braiding hair prior to having it installed. I went for a simple: Rinse with Apple Cider Vinegar, Rinse with water, wash with shampoo, rinse with water, condition, rinse with water and then drip dry. The hair came out extremely soft and smelling amazing. I could see the alkaline leaving the braiding hair straight away when I placed them into the apple cider vinegar water, it was kind of scary to think how I’ve always just been putting that against my scalp. I’m very excited to see how having cleaner braiding hair will help prevent me from getting an itchy, flaky and dry scalp as I have had in the past.

On the day of my appointment I made sure that the hair was ready (I went on to brushing it out afterwards and making sure the ends were nice and feathered) and I also made sure Simone had everything she needed to do my hair.


I knew that Simone would be prepared with her own products too but it didn’t hurt to have all of my combs, oils and clips available in case she needed to use them.


Afrocks-hair-review-service-afro-glory-natural-hair-blogger-black-british-london-hair-products-braidsI’m being very honest when I say having Simone over felt like I had a really good friend round to do my hair. She was absolutely incredible. Not only does it take skill to do such a wonderful job on my hair but to be able to come into my home and make me feel so comfortable and hold such an engaging conversation for so long… I really loved the whole experience.

My hair looks fly! I am so fussy with my braids, how they look and feel is super important to me. I have been known in the past to come home from an appointment and take them out straight away. Qualities that I don’t make compromises for are: extreme tightness (there is no need) and a scruffy job! Knowing that a service like Afrocks exists is a true blessing. I know that whoever I book is going to be passionate about hair and really cares about my hair rather than just the time and money.

Simone explained to me that all stylist are interviewed to make sure they are the right kind of person for Afrocks. I get the impression that all of Afrocks standards are very high, Simone is a great example of this.


Afrocks-hair-review-service-afro-glory-natural-hair-blogger-black-british-london-hair-products-braidsIn the past I have tried so many different types of services to get some decent braids! I’ve been to the overpriced hair dressers, booked with a random person on Gumtree and even tried to do it myself (braiding is definitely not my strong point). I just wanted to share the differences I have experienced through using Afrocks compared to my other experiences.

Booking with Afrocks was so easy and hassle free! Their mobile and computer friendly systems made booking feel like a clear, clean and easy process. In the past I have always found myself making compromises to accommodate the services needs. Working around my schedule rather than with it. Afrocks offers you a lot of freedom when booking, you are very much in the driver’s seat.

Knowing who is doing my hair and seeing reviews and a short bio made such a difference when booking to have my braids done. I could see that Simone was passionate about hair from the start. I knew her name and had real testimonies to how incredible her styles and techniques were. I didn’t have to sit in a chair with 2 or 3 people braiding my hair to different standards (yes this has happened).

I knew exactly how much it was going to cost me. There were no hidden fees or charging hourly. I have in the past had my hair finished and then be told I had to pay more because they ran over the time they quoted!!! I have also had someone braid my hair on an hourly rate. I was desperate to get my hair into a protective style at the time and so paid the extortionate fee to have it done. With Afrocks it cost me the very fair (and fixed) price of £89.50! That included having a stylist travel to my home, braid my hair for 6 hours and give me amazing hair care advice to maintain my hairstyle. It was a very personalised experience and the price didn’t go up!

It’s so convenient to have someone come to your home and do your hair, especially when it takes such a long time. If you have children then there’s no need to have a babysitter come round, if you have a delivery you need to be home for or if you are a carer for someone and they need you to be available… all great reasons to book an appointment with Afrocks!

I also thought it was great for people who suffer from anxiety. Going to a salon or an environment you don’t know can be very frustrating and stressful. Knowing that you can be in your own environment would definitely put your mind at ease.

If you have mobility issues you don’t have to worry about trying to access a salon or external place to get your hair taken care of because Afrocks comes to you. There are so many great benefits of having a service come to your home and do your hair. This was my first experience of having someone come to me and it’s definitely not my last!

After reading all the wonderful things I’ve said about Afrocks I’m sure you are really keen to give them a go too. The lovely people at Afrocks have provided me with a discount code for you guys. Just use the code ‘AFROGLORY’ to get 10% off your first booking for the next month!!


There’s definitely no reason to not try them out for yourself now!


Just before you go I wanted to share 3 really great tips I got from Simone while we were talking about all sorts of hair care:


Your hair stills needs moisture and TLC when it’s in a protective style!tip2

If you know you like having your hair up, make sure you tell your stylist so they can install your braids for that style. If you have them installed for a down style and keep wearing them up then you will be twisting and pulling your natural hair at the root, which can lead to some serious damage and breakage!Afrocks-hair-review-service-afro-glory-natural-hair-blogger-black-british-london-hair-products

Simone recommended around 2 months with a good care routine. I said I normally leave them in a bit longer so Simone advised me the maximum time should be 3 months and I need to be ON IT with caring for my hair and the braids!

I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this post! Let me know your thoughts on having Afrocks come and do your hair and make sure you check out their social channels for updates and events they are attending near you in the future!
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7 thoughts on “Afrocks: A full review

  1. Thanks for this article. I’m interested in using the Afrocks interface but they need to improve the info available for braiding. One stylist’s version of ‘medium’ might be different to another – without photographic representation of what that is, I found it hard to commit. Also, there’s little room for a truly bespoke experience as the booking system does not yet allow for mix and match.
    I look forward to using this service in a few weeks/months/(years?) when their system is more adaptive.


    1. Hi Emma, that is excellent feedback for the Afrocks team I’m actually going to forward you comment on to them! I think having a visual representation of the braids would be great. You can see from my photos what booking medium braids came out like and Simone did one braid and asked me if I was happy with the thickness before doing the whole head. You are also provided with contact details of your stylist when you book and you can have that discussion with them before they even arrive. Maybe send them a photo of how you have liked it in the past? I hope you do consider booking, especially while you can get 10% off 🙂

      Thanks for the read and comment 🙂


  2. A really informative review. Sounds like such a great service. Great to know it exists! I live up north so they probably have none or limited services where I live but it sounds like this is a company going places!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! I did think they deserved a detailed review because they are a fantastic service and my hair looks amazing! It’s so hard to find a reliable service in London so I’m really glad they exist! Going to get my braids done again soon I think 🙂
      Where about are you from up north? I moved from Huddersfield, definitely miss clean air and drinking water straight from he tap lol!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m from Liverpool but currently somewhere deep in Lincolnshire. I think I’ve got so used to doing my hair myself that I almost don’t think I would let someone else do it but this seems like such a trustworthy service, I’d give it a go if I could. The air and water might be better but it’s grim up here! Haha!


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