I would like to start this post by thanking Ronke Lawal of Ariatu PR for getting me a press pass to the event. As a black British blogger it is important for me to attend great events like CurlyTreatsFest so that I can share with the black community the great things happening for us and the great things we can support. Thank you so much Ronke!

If you couldn’t make it this year make sure you get yourself some tickets for next year guys! The date has already been announced so make sure you pencil it in (Saturday 5th May 2018). You can also subscribe to their mailing list for updates and to keep an eye out for their ticket release: curlytreatsfest.co.uk.

Rebranded from Natural Hair Week to Curly Treats Festival, it’s all in the name… This event is a celebration of black hair. Not only does it celebrate black hair but it gives black owned businesses an opportunity to sell their products, network with other brands, meet their customers, help people with their hair care, express their creativity and of course make some money!

Curly treats 2017 was great fun! This was my first time attending and I made some great connections, bought some very discounted products, attended one of the workshops and had a blast! I attended the event with @saabirahlawrence who I met at the black british bloggers social in June and have kept in touch with. It’s really important to attend these kinds of events as a blogger so you can make friends in the blogging community and also have someone who won’t judge you at lunch when you take a thousand photos from different angles! (my other friends just don’t understand haha)


Finding the venue was easy as it was only a stone throw from the tube station. Thankfully it was an indoor event too because it was raining and grey outside. It was kind of nice to go to an event on a rainy day especially one with such bright colours in the form of African wax prints everywhere to cheer everyone up!

When we entered the festival and signed in we were handed a very handy and well-designed booklet which contained a map of the marketplace, exhibitors names, times and locations of workshops and it even had a fun protective hair style quiz in the back! As a designer I can honestly say I was super impressed!

Walking into the main room was really great, I could just see stalls and stalls of wonderful products and services designed for black people. I couldn’t believe the variety of stuff on offer. From raw shea butter to beautifully designed ethnic greeting cards… there was something for everyone. Of course I didn’t want to miss a thing so I worked my way around from stall to stall speaking with owners, other bloggers, customers and lots of natural hair enthusiasts!


Look at these gorgeous dolls! I posted this image on my Instagram account during the event and my caption was: ‘representation matters so much! I can only imagine how different my relationship with my hair would be if I had one of these gorgeous dolls from the @sibahlecollection thank you to @curlytreatsfest & @bounceessentialhair for bringing something beautiful for the little girls and boys to look at! They won’t have to imagine’ @AfroGlory_


It’s always a pleasure seeing the CurltureUK ladies at events! If you ever get the chance to hear Jay & Trina speak then please do. They are very inspiring and empowering women. Make sure you follow them on IG & Twitter for some serious motivation!

I discovered some great brands at Curly Treats Festival! New and established, there was a wide mix of products and services. I love that Curly Treats Festival got the balance perfect!






Prior to attending Curly Treats Fest I had booked a space on the Mane Diva’s workshop. I was very excited about attending this all day and I definitely learnt some very useful information to help me as I continue on my natural hair journey. I feel like when you decide to go natural you just never stop learning… I absolutely love this about my hair.

During the workshop we were given a sheet of all the ingredients that mane divas were providing for us and the sheet explained the benefits of all the products. You could choose your ingredients based on things like: stimulating hair growth, helping with dandruff, replenishing moisture, attracting moisture to the hair and loads of other wonderful uses.

We were told to choose one of each ingredient from each section of our information sheet to create the perfect personalised blend for our own hair.

When creating my own blend of ingredients, I chose to include:

  • Chamomile – Fights dandruff, promotes hair growth, minimises split ends, nourishes hair
  • Peppermint Essential Oil – has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, which helps to cool the scalp, eliminate dandruff and fight lice. It can relieve a dry scalp, stimulate hair growth and give hair a healthy shine.
  • Olive Oil – will nourish the scalp, condition the hair and improve the elasticity if the hair
  • Avocado Oil – good for moisturising dry, brittle and damaged hair. Contains many nutrients such as vitamins A, B, D, E protein amino acids, iron, copper, magnesium, and folic acid.
  • Vegetable Glycerine – attracts water from the atmosphere bringing moisture to the hair and ultimately improves moisture retention for the hair.
  • Water – hydrates hair
  • Green Tea – vitamins B5, C, D and E. Stimulates the hair follicle. Increased blood flow also aids in reducing shedding and increasing hair growth.

The reason I chose this combination is because I often find I have a dry scalp and that’s just how my skin is. The chamomile, peppermint and green tea were all new ingredients for me to try on my hair. I chose them all for the benefit of my scalp.

I couldn’t choose between olive oil and avocado oil so I used both! They were both to help with the strength and elasticity of my hair. Finally, I chose the Vegetable glycerine which was because I often find my hair getting dry in the middle of the day and I love the idea that my hair can actively be sucking moisture from the atmosphere to keep itself hydrated until the evening. Obviously there was water in the mix too because… did you know that you can only get moisture in your hair from water? That’s something I learnt in the workshop when Katrina (the founder of mane divas) quashed the popular belief that all the products we buy add moisture to our hair. The only reason they add moisture is because they contain water she told us. Spritzing your hair with water daily will add moisture and prevent breakage and dryness. Katrina has some fantastic natural hair knowledge and would definitely be able to help you on your natural hair journey too. Check them out here: http://www.manedivas.co.uk

We also did a Q&A at the end of the making process and I got some answers to questions I didn’t even know I had yet.


The reason you all really came here! The haul!! Everyone loves a good haul and the products were such good value at curly treats festival I’m actually surprised I didn’t spend more money and have more to show you guys. I think I restrained myself well considering my bag felt super heavy by the end of the day… it was the samples, I swear!


  • Head wraps from Coco Davillé – before these head wraps I didn’t own any! I was literally thinking about getting some on a daily basis for about 2 months! I’m so glad I finally did. CD was selling some high quality off cuts of fabrics for head scarves and at fantastic prices! I couldn’t resist and I’m so glad I didn’t. I have been loving wrap life ever since…


  • Premae scalp and body oil – I haven’t had the opportunity to use this scalp oil yet but plan to try it out next week as I will be doing some serious hair and scalp prep for my braids which are going in. This was so much more than just a purchase… with this product I also go tickets to the see ‘Back To Natural – A Documentary Film’ presented by the British Urban Film Festival on the 7th of September 2017. Why wouldn’t you want to go and see this documentary?


  • Raw Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter from Byooti – this was one of my favourite stands at the festival because they had so much to offer! They weren’t selling one brand exclusively they had such a variety of products. I managed to get my hands on some very well priced raw shea butter and cocoa butter so I can experiment with them to create something magical for my hair. (I hope you’re picturing me as a mad scientist, that’s exactly what I’m going for haha) I have recently learnt that my hair LOVES shea butter so I’m going to try and introduce it into my routine some more.



  •  Did someone say samples? Well I am definitely not short of those. Some really exciting stuff in my sample collection that I have never tried before. I have had mixed reviews on Lotta Body, so I’m very curious to see how and if it works for me. As I said before my hair loves the shea and it does contain shea so maybe it will work for me…


  • I was lucky enough to get some absolutely gorgeous earrings from Kelisafrica. They so many beautiful items available on their Etsy shop you’d be crazy not to check them out!


  • One of the first stalls that I came too when I entered the show was a very cute little organic skin and body care stall: My Naturals by dgOrganics. This soap is hand crafted and 100% natural! Make sure you show some love and check them out.


So would I recommend it? 100% yes, I definitely would! I am actually looking forward to going back next year. I think when I attend next year I will definitely aim to attend more of the workshops and talks. As I mentioned I only attended the Mane Divas workshop but there were some fantastic talks going on such as:

  • Prevent Split End and Breakage for Longer Natural Hair
  • That’s A Wrap! African Headwrapping Demos by Sunukër & Anaisarts
  • Guide to Natural Hair Care for Children
  • Skincare Do’s & Don’ts for Black Men
  • Black Girl Magic: Activating Your Inner Magic by Jay & Trina of Curlture

Make sure you get your tickets next year, even if it’s just to support a black event and get yourself some great discounts! I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I’ll see you there next year (or sooner)!



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7 thoughts on “#CurlyTreatsFest

    1. Thanks so much Missy Bee! It was really good wasn’t it!? I just wish I had more money and a bigger bag to snag some more of those deals! I made some great connections and it was a pleasure meeting you there. Let’s stay in touch and do coffee sometime?

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  1. Wow, by the looks of things this event was super exciting. I am in love with the Wraps, dolls, earrings, and hair products. I personally love LottaBody products so you will have to let me know how your hair likes it. Anyway I’m glad you enjoyed yourself!! Talk you you later!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Olena, yes it was a fantastic event! I’m really glad I was able to attend. The dolls were definitely one of my favourite things, I kind of want one just for myself! So stunning 😍 I’ll let you know what I think of the samples, I’m having wash day earlier this week because I’m getting my braids done on Sunday and might try those samples out 🤔 speak soon

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  2. I love Coco Daville’s products. My accessories turn a plain outfit into something poppin’. I brought some earrings from Kelis at Afro Punk last year, I really liked her energy.

    I had a feeling this was going to be a great event because Vinna Best is very inspiring and set out to empower black people. I’ll be there next year for sure.

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