AFROPUNK London 2017 – Festival Fashion

Hey guys I’m bringing you something extra special with this blog post! First of all I have been inspired by Saabirahlawrenceblog to have a go at blogging on the move! That’s right this post is coming to you from my iPhone! Have a read of Sabbirahs post: Blogging without a PC/Laptop for some top tips, pros & cons and general inspiration. Why not have a go at blogging your next post from your phone or tablet too!

Anyway… I know you came here for some fabulous festival fashion inspiration and inspired you will be! 

After looking through some seriously beautiful photos of people who have attended AFROPUNK around the world in the past, I myself was feeling inspired to put together some moodboards to get you thinking about what you might wear to AFROPUNK this year (no matter which one you’re attending!) 

I’ve made 4 moodboards to inspire your AFROPUNK outfit goals! 

No matter which festivals you’re attending, summer glitter is a must! There are some super creative ways to use glitter now that it doesn’t just come in a gel pen (hello 90’s reference)! Get yourself over to Pinterest for some seriously shiny inspiration! Men too… AFROPUNK is an all inclusive, no discrimination event. No matter your gender, colour or beliefs you can shine bright!!!

What would AFROPUNK be without its loud, beautiful, exotic fabrics! As AFROPUNK is a celebration of diversity why not get in touch with your roots and peacock like mad! There are some brilliant fabric shops and clothing brands who specialise in African print online. Go bright, bold and proud!

If you’re a makeup buff, there is nowhere more fun to be than at a festival! It’s the perfect opportunity to just go crazy and do whatever you feel like doing with your makeup! There will be SO much inspiration at AFROPUNK I am very excited to see what everyone is wearing – from their clothes to their faces. Why not try some tribal face and body painting? Go as big and bold as you want to!

Nothing is going to stand out more than a beautiful metallic you reflecting all over the festival in the sunshine! From highlighter to outfit why not go for gold and make the sun in the sky jealous of your style. Melanin + Gold = a winning combination!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your fashion must for festivals is in the comments below!
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