Black British Bloggers #BBBSOCIAL

On Saturday I attended the Black British Bloggers social event which was also my first ever blogging event! I just had the most incredible day!!

The event ran from 12pm – 4pm and had an amazing line up of speakers and exhibitors. Everyone who attended the #BBBSOCIAL was incredibly inspiring, there was a real sense of ambition and knowledge floating around the room. I really can’t wait to reconnect with everyone. I’m already planning what hairstyle to wear to the next one 😂!




Tatenda Nyamande – Unbuntugraphy

First to speak was Tatenda Nyamande of Unbuntugraphy who gave some great advice on camera equipment for all of your blogging needs wether you are a beginner or a pro, he has some great knowledge to share with you. He spoke about how to use lighting and what types of lighting to avoid. He gave some great advice for those looking to improve their skills (*cough* ME) such as the differences in brands, lens and softwares for photo editing. Tatenda is definitley a go to for knowledge and brilliant photography. He even took us outside to show us the difference between using natural sunlight and indirect sunlight.


I was looking through his site after the event and literally fell in love with his work! Definitely check his site out as he offers some great packages for bloggers, vloggers & content creators if you’re looking for some great photos while you’re still learning.

Jay – Culture

Oh boy I don’t even know where to start… Jay was bringing the realness and the passion out of me with every word! You know when you listen to someone and you think WOW what an intelligent and aware person? That was Jay throughout her entire talk. She spoke passionately about colourism and texture discrimination which definitely woke a lot of us up. She allowed us to ask ourselves how often we are advocates for ALL women of colour in all our beautiful tones. Jay also spoke about making sure you know what your brand stands for and to be consistent with that. Listening to Jay really inspired me and opened up my mind.

Definitely check out Cultures self published book KINK available to buy on their site:

KINK combines powerful quotes and uplifting poetry with sultry, vulnerable yet striking imagery of black females whom possess skin tones, hair styles, ages and hair textures that rarely shine in the media.


Ronke Lawal – Ariatu PR

Ronke was very insightful and gave us an amazing talk about working effectively with PRs. She covered so much in the 30 minutes she had which really help me think about my blog and how I want to come across. Here are a few points she made that I found very valuable:

  1. Quality Over Quantity – it’s not all about hits. being a blogger is about communicating well and with the right people (like you reading this post because you’re genuinely interested rather than a paid for subscriber or someone who’s found me because I used irrelevant tags)
  2. Impact – what’s the point in being a blogger if I’m not going to communicate when you react out or if I’m not going to reach out to you? Make sure you talk to your followers. I love talking to you guys, I have learnt so much about natural hair, products, terminology and events 🙌🏾
  3. Narrative – as bloggers we have a very powerful voice and with that voice we have a responsibility (I’m starting to sound like I’m quoting spider man 😂). Making sure you have the right narrative for what you are trying to achieve is important. For example if there is a negative topic you want to cover why not write about the positive steps we could take to address it instead?


I won’t lie I got very caught up networking at this point and didn’t make it to Ade’s or Yvette’s talk which I regret as I was looking forward to hearing about collaborations and podcasts.

However… I don’t regret networking and meeting some amazing people (not to mention I enjoyed handing out my fresh off the press business cards).



I also spent this time meeting exhibitors and hearing about their brilliant products. All of the exhibitors were really enthusiastic and passionate about their products which literally made me want EVERYTHING!

I entered a competition to win a Jamii card for a year AND WON! All I had to do was name 10 black British entrepreneurs. If you can do it too I’d love to know, leave me a comment with your 10 in the comments section below. I found it quite hard to name 10 but what I took away from that is wanting to know more so I’ll make it my next personal mission to be more aware of black British entrepreneurs. Please check them out if you’re interested in getting  some serious discounts with black owned business… and lets be honest if you’re buying conditioner by the barrel load you need this card 😉

They haven’t just paired with hair care companies and products, they also have great discounts for food, art, hair dressers, fashion and more. There are some great brands involved!


I spoke with Mashooq about their fabulous hair oil. I was definitely keen to throw a couple of sample bottles in my bag. I didn’t know that you could combine oils with your deep conditioner to get an extra boost of moisture and seal!? I learnt something new and will definitely be writing a post about how it all works out.


I spoke with Rachel from Afrocenchix about her wonderful hair care range catering for women of colour who have high sensitivity to products. Rachel explained that she suffers with eczema and needed a product that wouldn’t damage or irritate her skin.. and so afrocenchix was born. If you or anyone you know has skin sensitivity issues I would highly recommend checking their products out. The entire range smells heavenly.


Nicola Millington – FP Comms

What I loved most about Nicola’s talk was how passionate she was about delivering it. Nicola had written everything down to make sure she didn’t miss a thing. Pure organisation – a woman after my own heart! Nicola gave a fantastic talk about the power of our platform and being a credible blogger. There were so many things that she spoke about which really made me conscious of how I blog. Here are a few of the many invaluable tips she gave:

  1. Value your platform – are you always posting to your highest standards and best abilities? If not then why not? You should always aim to put your best work out there and be proud of your work.
  2. Write for the people who read – cater to your audience! There is no point blogging about fishing and then changing your mind and suddenly blogging about food. Your audience are with you because they find value in your content so be consistent in your voice and content.
  3. Work with other bloggers – when you work with another blogger great things can happen. firstly your audiences combine so your reach expands. You have the opportunity to build a new relationship with someone and you will most likely learn something new about blogging! Whats not to love about collaborations?

You can check out Nicola’s blog ‘Marketing With Love’ by clicking here: Marketing With Love


For anyone interested in attending the next Black British Bloggers event I would highly recommend it! The people attending are great, the speakers were fantastic and the brands were on point! You will learn a lot about blogging and how to optimise and reach your goals. The event is also great for vloggers, photographers and aspiring influencers I personally can not wait for the next event! Head over to the their site or twitter account and sign up/follow to be notified!

Check out this goodie bag haul too 😍🙌🏾🎉 featuring some great brands and amazing products.


  1. Denman Edge Tamer – Denman seriously have the widest range of brushes! I’m pretty sure I’ve been using their brushes all my life too… I have memories of my Denman brush from when I was a natural hair child! Established in 1938 guys (the brushes not me 😂)
  2. Feed My Creative – I love this pouch! I seriously need 5 more! I can’t decide if I should use it for my power band or as a pencil case, its dreamy and so well made.
  3. Black Up – I really enjoy discovering new makeup brands that cater to women of colour. There are some great emerging companies for all areas of health and beauty popping up for women of colour 🎉
  4. Mashooq – I actually got 3 sample bottles of this because the lady said I had A LOT of hair 😂 (*curtsy*) I can’t wait to let you guys know how this works out when mixed with conditioner and put under a plastic cap.
  5. Bourn Beautiful Naturals – This body wash smells LUSH! I can’t wait to give it a try. Completely vegan range designed for women of colour and people with kinky/coily hair textures!
  6. VITL – The Vitl green sounds great and is made of 19 natural ingredients, I’m looking forward to seeing what it tastes like. You can take this up to 3 times a day with your fave smoothie, juices or with water.
  7. GroHealthy Shea & Coconut – I haven’t had a chance to work through all these products so I found this excellent review from a fellow Black British Blogger, checkout out here: Curly Girl UK – GroHealthy Products Reviewed

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, god knows it took me ages to write! I just wanted to make sure it was perfect and I captured my day at the first BBBSOCIAL well!

If you want to see some antics from the day check out: A Day In Her Shoes Youtube channel with her post from the event, you can also follow her on IG here Day In Her Shoes

Check out my other platforms 🙌🏾👍🏾

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12 thoughts on “Black British Bloggers #BBBSOCIAL

  1. Yep, it was a really good event and your post conveyed that well.

    I had the Feed My Creative pouch too, I need ideas on what to use it for. For now it contains all my business cards from the event. lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much! I feel like I worked really hard on that post because I didn’t want to miss a thing. I learnt a lot at the event and I’m really looking forward to the next one! Those universal holders were created just for the black British bloggers! There are only 51 and they are made from an olde sofa! cool right? Follow Janet on instgram she is currently doing a giveaway for the best idea for the pouches use! I’m sorry I already said business cards but just because it a good idea and great minds think alike right 😊🎉 thanks for your likes and comments!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing! Can’t believe how many products you came away with, I hope they do another event I’d love to attend. I’m low key looking at that Mashooq Oil, my hair is in need of it lol, are they black owned? Trying to be more conscious of where I spend my coins. But definitely gonna see if I can get my hands on that Feed My Creative pouch, it’s gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tanira, thanks for reading 🙂 yeah there were some amazing things in the goodie bag! I’m still working my way through them now lol! BBBsocial was amazing! I learnt so much about blogging and made some great friends! Would be amazing to meet you at the next event.

      Mashooq was founded in 1984 by Claudettes Giovanni who is a Jamaican lady. I’m very impressed with the oil especially when mixing it in with my deep conditioner! Such amazing results!

      Definitely check out Feed My Creative on Instagram! Janet (the founder) has some incredible products and I think there are some workshops coming out soon. I’ll defo be first in line haha!


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