#DreamWestElm – My dream home studio

On the 10th of June I will be attending my first Blogtacular conference!! I am SO excited! It’s going to be a fantastic day full of creative people and creative events! There are some AMAZING speakers on who I am super excited about meeting and listening to! 

The plan is to be a sponge and soak in as much as possible and to make friends! I’ve been in London since June 2016 so it’s my 1 year London-iversary too, it just seems like such a perfect way to celebrate.

Moving to London (from West Yorkshire) last year has inspired me in so many ways. The culture in London is so diverse that there is literally something new to discover everyday. As a young black British woman of Jamaican heritage I truly believe moving to London has allowed me to discover and embrace my own culture more than ever.

In February 2017 I decided that I would start this blog because there was just so much happening I needed to find a place to let it all out and express myself… and so Afro Glory was born.

Since starting my blog I have been inspired even more and am now in the process of setting up my own Etsy business. Having completed my masters degree in 2013 and then being in an unfortunate attack in 2014, my life was put on hold for a few years.

Recovering physically and mentally has been an extremely challenging process but never the less, I am here now and stronger than ever. Ready to start the next chapter in my life and progress into full on girl boss mode.

Attending Blogtacular means a great deal to me, I see it as a fantastic opportunity to get myself out there as an individual and progress as a blogger/graphic designer.

… Just when you think things can’t get better, Blogtacular have teamed up with West Elm to create a once in a lifetime opportunity for the attendees! A chance to win a room makeover!

Now what could be more perfect than a new studio space to start my business from?

West Elm have asked that I creativity showcase what I would do with a £2k room makeover with their products and also which room I would be making over. The hardest part of this challenge was narrowing down which beautiful items I would use for my room makeover, as EVERYTHING in West Elm is serious home goals!   

West Elm have asked that we share our #HomeGoals in as creative a way as possible so here goes…

First of all I chose a colour scheme that would work in my existing space. I wanted creativity and minimalism as I would be working from this space everyday. I love the neutral earthy tones found in everyday life, like roasted coffee beans and beautiful deep green house plants. To add a splash of colour I went with a mouth-watering turmeric spice shade. Orange is my favourite colour so it had to be in there somehow.

moodboard 4moodboard 3

moodboard 1

moodboard 2


The items I have chosen are:

  1. Modern Wall Desk – A beautiful sleek and modern wall desk inspired by Scandinavian modernism. I thought this desk would be perfect for having my design books on, a nice little lamp, my laptop and a bit of greenery. I could use the wall space to have a calendar so I don’t miss any important dates and a small mood board.
  2. Orb Upholstered Dining Chair – Antique Bronze Legs – This chair is just so perfect in every way! It may be a dining chair but it would work perfectly in my home studio too. Comfort would never be a problem for my working week!
  3. Crewel Knotted Stripe Cushion Cover – Yam – To add a splash of colour to my space and an extra bit of comfort. This cushion cover is everything I love about summer. Bright, colourful, modern with a traditional African print vibe! (Plus I might need something to cuddle on the tougher days of my business adventure.
  4. Jute Bouclé Rug – Iron – This rug is serious home goals. It’s durable because of its Jute fibres, which will be great for everyday use in my home studio. Perfect for wiggling my toes on and to make it even better it’s available in this gorgeous Iron colour!
  5. Stone Bookend – Alabaster – These BEAUTIFUL stone bookend’s are a perfect detail to have on my ‘Modern Wall Desk’. As a designer I seem to have acquired  many MANY design books over the years. This would be a perfect way to keep my most important ones on hand when I need some inspiration or a quick reading break. (I might have to throw my copy of the great Gatsby in there too because the deco theme is strong!)
  6. Turned Wood Leg Tabletop Planters – Adding a touch of greenery is the perfect way to round off any room.

Now I’ve saved the most important for last…

Check out this Metal Floor Mirror and Industrial Task Table Lamp – Black + Antique Brass 🙌🏾😍❤️

These two items have been saved for last because they will probably be the most important. Joe and I don’t have a full length mirror in our apartment yet but have been on the look out for one. This mirror would be perfect. As I mentioned I have been recovering from an attack in 2014, sometimes that means I have bad days. On the bad days my confidence can go right down, having a mirror like this would allow me to see myself and give myself a good pep talk. I think it’s so important to remind yourself you are beautiful and strong. I would use this mirror to do exactly that! (I would also be checking out how good my bum looks in certain items of clothing haha 😂)

The lamp will be perfect for those late nights of work when I don’t think I can keep going to make sure I meet a deadline. Having a well-lit, well ventilated and clutter free environment seriously helps me with my creativity. If I had a beautiful little lamp like this one I would be able to sail through those hard-core late nights when I’m on my journey to girl boss / life goals! 

moodboard 5moodboard 6


Huge thanks to Blogtacular & West Elm for this competition. I have really enjoyed creating these mood boards and feel really inspired to get started in achieving my dreams of business owner and girl boss!

Make sure you check out the Blogtacular podcast, Kat interviews some very inspiring people who have excellent advice!

My 2 week countdown for the conference has begun 😍🙌🏾❤️ YAY!!!


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