Coconut Oil is not for everyone.

It is so easy to be drawn into a natural hair hype even when in reality you already have the perfect routine down for you and your hair, your products are perfect and your hair is growing strong… so why change things?

I keep seeing everyone talking about coconut oil as if it’s a life changing miracle (I have no doubt that for some people it is) but one product does not fit all.

Coconut oil blocks my pores and makes my skin irritable. I am not allergic to it because I can eat coconut and cook with coconut oil. I have stuck to my good old reliable – not so hyped – Jamaican caster oil.

I use it once every two weeks when I do a hair wash to seal in all the moisture I have allowed my hair to absorb during its deep condition. This isn’t to say I don’t try new products because I obviously had to try coconut oil to know that it doesn’t work for me but I learnt a very valuable lesson…

‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’.

I enjoy being consistent with my hair products because I know how much I’m spending and how often. I also know what product to put in my hair based on the texture and it’s needs.

This post definitely isn’t me saying don’t try anything new, it’s just me saying when you do find something great that really works for you be consistent. If it nourishes your hair and helps it grow and be strong then it definitely is working for you.


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