Hair routine #1 – add moisture inbetween washes

I think over time I will share with you guys my different hair routines. This is the routine I do when my hair is feeling dry in between washes.

I like this routine because it takes me about 20/30 minutes and keeps my hair going in between washes. I don’t like to add too much product to my hair as it can weigh it down and increase how often I need to wash it.

My next routine will be ‘Hair Routine #2 – Wash Day’ so I can share what products I use in my hair, the benefits and what they actually do.

It’s so easy to spend loads of money on your hair to find the right products so hopefully it will help you guys if I share exactly why the products benefit me and what problem they solve.

So without further delay here’s my ‘add moisture in between washes’ routine:

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First I recommend that you work in sections. This makes it easier for any products you use to get to the roots or your hair and it makes it much more manageable for you.

I’m using a rat-tail comb which you can get on eBay or at your local Afro Caribbean hair supplier for around 99p. I have a metal rat-tail comb for precision and a plastic one for sectioning.

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To keep your sections separated whilst working through your hair I recommend investing in some hair clips. Top tip: make sure you don’t get clips that have teeth on as this can lead to breakage. I originally had some with teeth on and the first time I used them I could feel them pulling/snapping strands of hair. It’s safe to say they went to the charity shop the next day.

One of the most important things in afro hair care (I would say) is to minimise breakage. I now have some smooth hair clips that are great for my hair. You can get them from your local afro Caribbean hair shop or on eBay.

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I like to add some water to the section before working with my hair. This softens the hair and makes it much easier to work with. You’re less likely to cause breakage too. I’m just using water in a bottle I got from the pound shop (in the gardening section πŸ˜… because I like to see how much water is in the bottle rather than using an aluminium bottle). These bottles came in a 2 pack so 50p each! πŸ˜±πŸŽ‰ win! They are also available at wilkinsons for just Β£1.

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Next I add my leave in conditioner. I am currently using this Cantu leave-in which works great for my hair. I only use around half a teaspoon per section to prevent weighing my hair down and to avoid increasing how often I have to wash my hair. This product smells great, is in the lower price bracket and actually works!

My other favourite leave in conditioner is from Lush. They make a hair moisturiser called R&B which is AMAZING! It smells better than any hair product I have ever used (not exaggerating), it softens my hair and I only need a tiny amount for amazing results! This product is more in the medium price range for me. At Β£11.95 for 100g its a luxury go to for when my afro needs some serious TLC!

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When I have applied the Cantu leave in to my section of hair (don’t use too much, just a half teaspoon per section as not to weigh your hair down) I brush through the section with my tangle teezer for curly hair. The bristles haven’t got bobbles on them which means no breakage! It just glides through my hair and detangles like a dream. It was around Β£11 but it’s definitely an investment and has lasted me over a year so far.

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Just look at the curls! πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸŽ‰

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When I have finished working through this section with my water, leave in conditioner and tangle tezzer I twist the hair and move on to the next section.

I have 4 sections on each side of my head (8 in total) I feel like this is a perfect divide for my hair length. If your hair is longer maybe go for more sections to make sure you are getting all your hair during the routine.

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After I have let the leave in soak into my hair for around 5 minutes I grab my wide tooth comb (available at any Afro Caribbean hair shop, boots, Superdrugs or on eBay for around Β£1 – Β£2) and undo the twists one by one combing them out as I go.

At this point I try not to brush my hair too much because you don’t want to stress your hair out (again… too much brushing can cause breakage) I run my wide tooth comb through each section about 3 times because it is already detangled.

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All combed out and ready to be styled!

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I love having an afro bun on top of my head. It’s simple and easy to achieve. If you have more time I recommend going for Dutch braids this will give you a protective hairstyle and keep the moisture in for longer. The head band has a thin wire inside which gives me loads of control when gathering my hair in it and gently pulling the bun into place. I wrap the band around twice and secure it at the back by twisting the ends together.

These bands are widely available online and in local stores. They are cheap and there is a pattern for every outfit you have!

Be careful not to wear the same hairstyle too often though, as any hairstyle you use creates tension on some hairs more than others which can lead to follicleΒ damage and NO ONE wants that! Protect that hair-line by mixing it up ladies and gents. Afro hair is very versatile and there are SOOOOO many styles you can try from wraps to braids!

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Once I have my desired bun placement I gently pick my hair with my wide tooth comb (or my Afro pick) to give it that extra lift and rounded shape.

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Voila! Ready to go and do my thing!

I hope you enjoyed this step by step routine. Let me know in the comments below what you think. If you have any recommendations for adding moisture to your hair, any products I might not know about πŸ€” and if you would like to see more routines!

Thanks for reading ❀️😊

— Also sorry about the photo quality, I took these images on my MacBook camera. I don’t have a tripod for my DSLR (don’t worry I’m working on it) —


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2 thoughts on “Hair routine #1 – add moisture inbetween washes

    1. I still haven’t got around to doing my edges. I don’t mind my fluffy edges πŸ˜‚ it is a great conditioner. Seriously.. I’m still trying new ways of adding moisture and when I find “the one” I’m going to be more consistent with products. I just did a deep condition with ORS and Mashooq (from the bbbsocial) mixed together! It’s feels incredible! I’m going to put a post up about it this week – if I ever finish this bbbsocial post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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