Leopard print. Yay or nay?

So… Leopard print is back in fashion AGAIN and I can’t help hear my 90’s inner child screaming spice girl songs at the top of her lungs whilst pretending to be Mel B.

Although that sounds like a lovely memory to perhaps laugh about.. adult me is thinking how ridiculous it was that I only had the choice of being one spice girl and she was called SCARY SPICE!! With a big afro and love for leopard print.

I think this is the origin of my dislike for leopard print and the source of my built-in leopard print repellent. However, I am not a fan girl anymore and today I found myself considering how cute some leopard print sandals would look on me in Rome (just to clarify, I’m not going to Rome, I’m literally online window shopping and imagining a holiday because I’m home ill).

So how do you feel about leopard print? Do you think I’m being silly and need to tell my little 90’s self to chill out? or do you completely agree with me that wearing leopard print as a young black woman has been made difficult because of its associations? or do you think something completely different?

Here are the sandals that got me all crazy by the way and if you feel the urge to just instantly buy them, there is zero judgement over here… leave me a size 6 please 😂:


You can buy them here

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