I’ve been really excited about this day because as soon as I read it, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the wonderful things to be grateful for in my life! So many thank you’s to give out so I’m just going to get started…

My first thank you was to my mum ❤️🦄 she is everything… I had a pretty rough childhood growing up with one parent and a sibling we only had each other. My mum provided for us no matter what and now here I am the woman I am supposed to be. Thank you Mummy 👧🏽👩🏾 you’re my queen.

The rose gold thank you, fit for a queen like my mum!

My second thank you goes to my first best friend, the only other person who has been there my entire life and my number one teacher of all things mischief… you guessed it my sibling… my big brother. Boy oh boy we sure knew how to argue back in the day and now I call you for life advice (and youtube recommendations 😂).

90’s throw back outside of the house we grew up in, on my mum’s trendy car!! 👧🏽👦🏽

Friends are the family you chose 💐

my 3rd thank you today is all of my friends. When I say all, I mean all 5 of you haha 😂.

I really believe you are the family that I chose. My brothers and sisters. I love you dearly and I can’t believe how I lucky I am to be a part of your lives! You all amaze me everyday with your resilience to adversity and capacity for alcohol! 🍷


And last but by no means least… Joe. Thank you for being the most amazing man I have ever met. My best friend, lover and heart. If you haven’t already read my post Who Is Joe? you should check it out. I don’t want to spill my heart out on this post because national stationery week is disappearing by the second (my love for Joe is never ending so there’s plenty of time for that! 😂 I slid some sop in there anyway.)

This was about 3 months into our relationship. ❤️🙌🏾 Nothing has changed, I just love him more!

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