Who Is Joe?

As some of you have noticed.. I keep mentioning this Joe fellow in a few of my posts.

Who is Joe?

Well let me tell you…

Joe is my wonderful, social media avoiding, supportive, caring and white Irish boyfriend.

Being in a mixed race couple (I think thats the term floating around today) feels like a blessing to me. I have found someone who I love and who definitely loves me, that is all that matters to me. The man has stood by my side in my darkest hours and I will always do the same for him. He’s nursed me back to health in more ways than he will ever know. How do you thank someone who brings you back to life after a traumatic event… I still don’t know because he expects nothing in return for anything he does for me.

He makes sure I go to bed on time and don’t stay up blogging all night after work. He holds my hand when we’re in a busy place and anxiety creeps in. He still takes me on the most amazing dates. He encourages my creativity. He compliments my body.

Joe is awesome!

I didn’t start growing my afro until I met him. I decided the month after I met Joe that I wanted to grow my natural hair… now I realise it’s because I felt so comfortable just being myself and I found someone who loves that… who loves me.

So, white, black… whatever!!! It really doesn’t matter. Isn’t Joe the man of our dreams? I found my Joe and I wish for everyone to find theirs not matter their skin colour.

(He can cook too so he is definitely a keeper)


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