The habit. The habit. The habit.

Quitting smoking was one of the hardest decisions I ever made. Not because I enjoyed being a smoker but because I had to teach myself to hate being a smoker and that took time.

I was constantly reinforcing the idea of having black lungs, a shorter life, being dependent on this little white stick made by rich men who don’t smoke themselves because it leads to death! I spent a very long time thinking these things, especially whilst smoking. I spent even more time thinking about the benefits; Health (including hair growth), lung capacity, TASTING FOOD AGAIN, being able to smell properly… the benefits go on and on.

I tried other methods, like recommended books, nicotine replacement, cold turkey… nothing seemed to work because I couldn’t break the habit. Couldn’t break the habit. Couldn’t break the habit.

Eventually I felt disgusted with smoking. I felt like being a smoker was really holding me back in life. I thought about how much I value my body and mind. As far as we know… this is our one life… I didn’t want to spend it being a smoker anymore.

As soon as I felt this way automatically, I quit smoking. I went out and got a packet of nicotine gum and never looked back. I didn’t even use the nicotine gum as often as recommended because I didn’t want nicotine. My mind-set had changed.

If you’re a smoker my only advise is change your mind-set. You have to want to quit for your own reasons. Don’t just quit because someones said it’s bad for you, you already know it’s bad and you still smoke so that won’t work.

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