Did the title of my post catch your eye!? Did it offend you? Well I’m glad.

I feel like the word is used SO much in western culture that people have forgotten it’s history and what it actually means…

Firstly I just want to say how hard it was for me to title this post because I am completely against using the word. I believe words have power and the words you use attract similar energies into your life. Not in a magical kind of way, in a laws of attraction kind of way.

I feel like people are completely desensitised to the N word now. I don’t think it’s “reclaiming” to use a derogatory term meant for you because of your religion, sexual preferences, race or any other reason. You should be offended if someone calls you a N***** and you are black! It’s NOT OKAY.

ESPECIALLY if you consider them your friend. ‘My N*****’ is not a greeting. Just take a second to think what that would have meant if someone said it 100 years ago. It would literally mean they owned you. That is not πŸ’― is it!

What inspired this post is that I was in a very well established card shop looking for a Mother’s Day card recently and a song was on with the word in. The word was repeated over and over again… I felt so uncomfortable I had to leave the shop. I didn’t say anything about it because I felt like it was normal to everyone else and like I might be over reacting. How crazy is that!? I have since sent the company an email regarding their music choices in store because it’s not okay to be quite EVER! The world would never change.

I take it so personally and find it very hard to listen to musicians (black, white or purple) who use the word frequently in their music.

What I have noticed as a designer though is that you don’t often see it written because somehow that isn’t alright. Seeing the word is considered more offensive!? What’s that about could someone please explain? πŸ˜’

So… what’s your view on the word? Are you happy to listen to it repeated again and again in popular culture? Do you even notice it anymore?

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3 thoughts on “N*****

  1. I hate that word and I have blogged about the use of it, many times over. Why Black people have taken the most derogatory word in history and applied it to themselves is just mindboggling, to say the least. It is like they have no idea of the origin of that word. Every single time I hear it, I wince and yes, it is usually Black people who are using it. Go figure! I have pointed out that just because the word ‘chink’ was thought up as a derogatory word used to describe Asians, the Asians have not ‘owned’ it, just as the Mexicans have not ‘owned’ the term, ‘wetbacks’. But Black people have certainly not only ‘owned the ‘N’ word, they have embraced it, glorified it, considered it to be a ‘term of endearment’ and claim that it is used to show affection. They have all been dropped on their heads. Not one slaver was using that word as a term of endearment when he was whipping and lashing the backs of his slaves and for us to turn around and pick up that word certainly speaks volumes of who we are as a people. We are truly crazy, ignorant and lost!

    Great post! Thank you for writing it.

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    1. All these racist words that are derogatory are horrible. I just choose not to invite them into my life.

      As I am black British I think we will be aware of different derogatory words. We don’t have a large Mexican population therefore… I don’t know what would be considered a derogatory word for Mexican people.

      I just think the ‘N’ word is disgusting and if anyone uses it against me or in an “affectionate” manner I will quickly tell them where I stand with it.

      Thank you for your comment. It refreshing to know I’m not the only black person left in the world who thinks that word is horrific!!!

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