Well Looky Hair.

(I’m proud of that pun by the way)

Check out this page in ES Magazine…


I can actually vouch for the ‘Rainforest Balance’ by The Body Shop. I think it’s brilliant. It’s so good my boyfriend often steals it, which annoys me when I come to washing my hair 2 weeks later and all my product is gone. I forgive him though and just buy another bottle. Very good value for money too at just Β£5!!!

I can’t say I have tried any of the other products although I would definitely like to!! Kiehl’s is just… the most amazing range of products! Especially for smell! 😍 so I definitely need to get my hands on some of this ‘Magic Elixir’. At Β£29 a bottle it’s on the pricy side but might be worth it…

Aesop is a familiar brand to me too. One of my best friend is obsessed with the brand.. and I totally understand why. Their products are simple and effective. They smell great and feel even better. At Β£23 it’s cheaper than the Kiehl’s product, which is a surprise to me. Definitely have to give this a go too!

Anyway… I just wanted to share this article because as a natural hair enthusiast it’s my duty

πŸ˜šπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰ – ES Magazine. ES Magazine is a free magazine by the Evening Standard which is handed out on a Friday ever week at tube stations. – The Body Shop – Kiehl’s –


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