YAY 🎉 one of my best friends from university is having a baby girl in May and that means BABY SHOPPING! I spent a total of £23.25 and got 9 great items. I used to work at Mothercare and have a very good idea what people would buy expecting parents as gifts so I thought I would share my mini baby haul with you. Read on to find out what they are…

The parents are promoting a gender neutral environment aka it doesn’t have to be pink. I bought these items at Tesco & Ikea in Tottenham, London. They are right next to each other in a huge industrial estate type area. To get straight into it here is everything I got at Tesco:


Tommee Tippee: Extra Absorbant Dribble Catcher (0 months +)

Tommee Tippee: Baby Nail Clippers

Baby Body Suit: Lemons (up to 3 months)

Baby Socks (Newborn)

Tesco Total: £9.25

Obviously she is going to be born a Beyonce fan so I had to buy her the Lemonade body suit. You mustn’t forget how sharp those little nails will be on their skin. Babies love to touch their faces and are just getting a sense of everything so could easily hurt themselves… the clippers will help with that! Cute little hedgehog socks 😍 and a specially designed bib. I can’t express how easy it is for a baby to get a rash around their neck from dribble. If it is constantly moist then the baby will get a sore rash so when I saw this I thought BRILLIANT DESIGN! Loads of mothers used to come into mothercare looking for a solution to this problem so I’m glad they found one.

Here is everything I got at Ikea (I LOVE IKEA 🇸🇪😭😍❤️):



Fabler BJÖRN (Teddy In Stripes)

SAGOSKATT (Brown Lion)


LEKA (Cat Rattles)

Ikea Total: £14.00

The most expensive thing I purchased was this hare teddy at £6. It is SO soft and lovely. I just couldn’t resist 😍❤️🙊 I hope she loves this teddy the most and has it for a v very long time. I got the brown lion because it reminded me of myself and I want her to think of me and have something that kind of represents me when I’m not around her. The rattle cats are such a bargain! £1 guys. I couldn’t leave them behind, I think she will really enjoy shaking and throwing them about. The blanket is just something she can be wrapped in or laid on, it is exceptionally soft!! 

I was so impressed with the range of things I could get at Ikea for a baby. It’s an amazing place to shop for gifts. Make sure you sign up for a Family Card when you get there because you can save an obscene amount of money e.g. the lion teddy was supposed to be £6.00 but only cost £1.50  with a family card 😱👍🏾 I know rightttt!!!!

No trip to Ikea would be complete without stopping half way through for an Ikea meal or without helping yourself to a bucket load of free pencils 🙊 lol


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