Ombre Braiding Hair From China 🇨🇳 (Ali Express)

So I thought this blog post might be helpful for anyone looking to order ombre braiding hair from AliExpress or anywhere online, especially if your feeling anxious about it.

I’m going to outline the process from choosing to completion with images too.

Firstly I decided in my mind what sort of style I wanted, I’ve been seeing ombre braids everywhere and can’t stop thinking WOW 😮. I decided to finally just bite the bullet and cough up the cash for some ombre braiding hair. I literally can imagine nothing worst than me trying to make normal extensions into ombre braiding hair… it would be a mess! 😅

Here is the process I followed:

1/) I spent some time browsing the internet

Before choosing AliExpress I did some research and looked around for ombre braiding hair. I looked at 3 different factors: Quality (reviews), Quantity and Price. I didn’t find the most helpful reviews out there and so I kind of threw my money into the dark when picking the actual store in Ali Express that I was going to buy from. The shop owner messaged me straight away after my purchase and asked me to confirm my address, which put my mind at ease at little (at least I knew there was a person on the other end of the computer).

In the end I went with: Unionbeauty Hair Store


They have such an amazing selection of ombre braiding hair colours and the prices were definitley without question of great value. You might find another store there that you prefer but this is the one I would recommend.

2/) When the hair arrived…

I was SO excited when the hair arrived! I couldn’t pick between two colours so being the shopaholic that I am… I bought both! 🙈🌈🛍

I went for a silvery grey and a peachy pink. I bought 3 packets of each and got 9 normal sized braids from each packet: total – 54 braids. In the past I have had 70+ braids installed with the crochet technique but they were much smaller in size.

When I first got the hair and looked at the colours for comparison, I was quite impressed. The grey was even more silvery and shiny than I expected and the peach was a really nice shade of pink (I did want peach but the colour was close enough and not worth the hassle of returning).


The hair also arrived with a few silver and gold braid jewels pieces and a crochet needle (it’s like they knew 😊).

3/) Preparing the hair

When I unpackaged the hair… it smelt really funny. Kind of in a way I expected, not really that offensive. I knew I would have to wash the hair before I put it into my hair just because… sensitive scalp and high maintenance hair.

first I decided to braid the hair as I wasn’t sure how it would react to water treatment without being a constructive and strong form. Braiding the hair took me a full day (including procrastination) and the morning after to finalise. I was so happy with how they looked. I decide I was going to use a new technique I found online which is individual crochet. If you’re anything like me: rubbish at gripping the root and struggle to work with the back of your head then I can’t recommend this technique enough…

This is the video I used as a guide, it’s such a simple method.

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the hair being washed. Just of the braids before the wash and after installation (I didn’t know I was going to start a blog until yesterday). I just soaked them for about 20 minutes in kettle boiled water. This sealed the ends and gave the hair a good clean. I then thoroughly rinsed the braids in warm water and sprayed with a braid sheen spray I have to give them a nice smell and look. (I tested one braid before I did them all, just incase they reacted badly to the boiled water)

After I finished washing and spraying the braids I left them on a towel to dry naturally as I didn’t want to create any unnecessary frizz by blow drying or rubbing the braids. They dried overnight and were completely dry the next morning.

They looked great and they felt great. I’ve had so many compliments and likes on Instagram (You can check out my Instagram if you click the drop down menu in the top right corner)

I can’t stress how easy they were to install.

Make sure you prepare your hair properly for braids guys. It needs moisture and love before going into a protective style. Let me know if you want me to share my routine with you.

3/) Complete

So after parting my hair into sections (with a lot of help from the boyfriend) I have a complete look… which can only be described as 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄

Thanks for reading guys ❤️

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