And so it begins…

Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about starting a blog. I’ve always been an observer but now I feel like it’s my responsibility to myself as a creative to find my place on the internet.

I will be starting an internship in March (I’ll share more about that later), which is also when my birthday is – 13th for those of you wanting to send me gifts 😁 – AND when my best friends are coming to visit me so I have a lot to talk about in the up coming month. I feel like now is a good time to start a blog and test out being a blogger!

I’ve always considered myself a private person so I have avoided blogging for that reason… don’t ask me whats changed, I just feel like now is an excellent time to be a blogger.

The recurring themes on my blog will most likely be about my natural hair, clothing, sometimes makeup (I like make up but more for recreational relaxing time than sharing), and living in London.

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