Au Naturale.


Here I am naked as hell. Admittedly I am posing like mad and it’s black and white which can only mean one thing… I’m trying to look good. OKAY OKAY maybe it’s not that natural but I’m not wearing any makeup, that counts for something.

So I just did my braids all by myself and guess what, I love them! This is the first time in all my 26 years of life that I have done my own braids and been satisfied that I don’t look like I did them with my feet instead of my hands.

I bought the braiding hair from AliExpress (which was an exhausting process) several panic attacks later and worrying that they either wouldn’t arrive or they would be some ridiculous miniature version of what I ordered… I placed the order. They took some time arriving and when they came the colour was definitely off but I wasn’t prepared to walk them back to china and complain so I went ahead and did my thing.

Literally days later… I have a completed look and I couldn’t be happier! The colours I ordered were peach and grey ombre braids but the colours I got were pink and grey ombre braids… still I look like a unicorn so no harm done!



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